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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Looking for information? The most frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ.

You must have a valid passport (international passport) to establish your visa, once your registration is confirmed an invitation is sent to you to obtain your entry visa issued by the consular services of Algeria.

Anyone participating in the Hoggar Bike is required to have travel and repatriation insurance.
In the event of a serious accident with broken bones or bleeding, the local services are able to provide appropriate medical care. Hospitals are equipped with medical equipment and care to standard.

Be sure not to bring a hard case or trolley with wheels. This could make it difficult to load into the truck. It is best to bring a soft duffel bag (cloth). They are light and easy to handle and store in our trucks.

This can be done up to 4 weeks before departure.

During the Hoggar Bike, we have two medical teams of two doctors and two nurses who travel with us. They make sure that first aid is available on the course. One doctor will follow the trail of our participants and another doctor will be at a checkpoint. In case of illness or accident, the doctor will assess whether additional specialized medical assistance is required and whether hospitalization or repatriation is necessary.

It is in collaboration with our field doctor to determine what will be the best solution for you and if you will be redirected to the next bivouac or hotel. Depending on where you are, it will be by 4×4.

You don’t need much money on the event as we take care of everything. All meals, water and accommodation are included. For extras or souvenirs along the way, remember to bring a few extra Euros. You can exchange money at the banks in the big cities. You cannot pay anything by credit card.

There are two ways to get to Algeria: by your own means or on the flights offered by the organization.
You will have to leave from your home to Algiers, spend a night in a hotel and then take the flight reserved for Tamanrasset.
Only the flight Algiers – Tamanrasset is organized by the Hoggar Bike.
At the arrival of the flight, the organization ensures a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa at the end of the race.

The organization puts at the disposal of the participants tents of 2 places equipped with mattresses each participant will have to be provided with his sleeping bag and if wished to install in single it can install with its personal tent

The bivouacs are equipped with all the necessary basic services: restaurant, dining area, toilets and mobile shower.

There are two possibilities to transport your bike:
1 – By the services of the organization about one month before the departure.
2 – You bring your bike to Tamanrasset by your own means.
The bikes will be transported in a container (trucks + ferry) by road and boat.
The price of this transport is included in your registration fee.
The bikes will be collected in Marseille and loaded in a container under A.T.A for the transfer to Algeria.
If you choose option 1, you will have to send your bike to our shipper’s warehouse on certain dates (1 month before departure).
You have two options to send us your bike:
Option 1: deliver the bike personally to the forwarder
Option 2: send the bike by a national or international transport service

At the end of the Hoggar Bike event, and if your bike was transported in the organization’s truck, you will have to pack your bike, on site, and give it back to the organization.
Once the container is back in France, you have 3 ways to get your bike back.
Option 1: pick up the bike personally at the shipper’s warehouse,
Option 2: the bike is sent to your home by the transport service of the national and international forwarder
Option 3: contact your transport service and have it picked up at our forwarding agent.

The transportation of your luggage to and from Algeria depends on how you decide to travel.

If you have decided to organize it yourself, your luggage must accompany you.

If you decide to travel on the flight Algiers / Tamanrasset organized by the organization, you can take one luggage per person (max. 20 kilos) plus a cabin bag of regulation size and a maximum weight of 5 kilos.

If you plan to take an excess of luggage, the organization offers you the possibility of transporting in the assistance trucks, a trunk for an additional fee.

Your luggage follows you from bivouac to bivouac in the organization’s trucks. For this purpose, remember to identify them in a very legible way.

There will be a zone for recharging electronic devices in each bivouac, set up by the organization.

Mobile communications will be operational in some bivouac areas.

During Hoggar Bike, the organization will set up a mechanical assistance and breakdown service.

The registration fee includes all meals during the bivouacs (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

However, if you wish, you can include vacuum-packed foods or other foods specific to your diet in your luggage.

Keep in mind that refreshments during the stages are purely liquid, so you should bring extras such as energy bars and gels with you.

  • For the first starter, each stage will start at 08h00.
  • The course, the region and the desert where the Hoggar Bike takes place change every year. We will try to communicate this information as soon as possible.
  • The exact tracks will be sent to the participants 15 days before the race, except for the refreshment stations, and the control points which will be communicated the day before each departure.
  • The checkpoints are located according to the course of each stage.
  • No more than 4 points per course.
  • On each course, there will be three refreshment points, all with cold drinks.
  • The refreshment points will not be more than 40 kilometers apart.
  • Before the start, each participant will receive 3 liters of water to fill their bottles and hydration packs.

Yes, you can rent a mountain bike on site by mentioning the size of the bike. The rental is subject to a deposit and a commitment to the organization that any damage to the bike will be refunded.

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