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This first edition of Hoggrar Bike® will take place in the region of Tamanrasset, on carefully selected grounds, suitable to satisfy all the practitioners; from the most sportive to the most quiet, but in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

Tamanrasset is the main city of the wilaya of the same name and traditional capital of the Algerian Tuaregs. It is located in the center of the Hoggar mountains, sacred and pulsating heart of the Sahara.

It is also the place where Charles de Foucault lived, soldier turned priest, writer and benefactor of the Tuaregs.

The Hoggar is a volcanic chain of mountains, which offers a scenery of a wild and spectacular beauty, an impressive scenery, far from the classical references.

A mountain so beautiful and magical that it inspired Pierre Benoit‘s novel “Atlantis” where he camped his beautiful and mysterious queen “Antinea“.

Besides the mountain, the Hoggar is also a vast domain of golden dunes and refreshing oases. An authentic and totally exotic site.

To the east of Tamanrasset rises at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters a plateau of 250 kilometers in diameter, the Atakor of Hoggar, and on which stand volcanoes of which the highest point of the massif: the Tahat culminates at 2,918 meters. The Tahat is also the highest mountain of Algeria.

The historical vestiges preserved in Tamanrasset make it a real open air museum. The engravings and the rupestrian paintings of Tassili n’Ajjer, dating from approximately 9-10,000 years, are the result of an advanced technicality. They will surprise you by the quality of their conservation.

On the plateau of Assekrem, you will discover the hermitage and the tomb of Father Charles de Foucauld. A highly symbolic place, in the heart of an exceptional landscape.

Hoggar Bike 2024 is intended for all mountain bike enthusiasts, in good physical condition and looking for a new challenge.

Amateurs of all ages looking for new and exceptional “rides” can register to live an extraordinary experience and discover the great pleasure of adventure.

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